Rolser Folding Pack Trolley (4 wheel, plain)


Rolser – PAC002
Height – 108 cm
Capacity: 48 litres.



The popular 4-wheeler tilts back and with minimal effort, glides along the street with style. Conceived, designed and prepared to offer tomorrow’s solutions today, the 4-wheeler can be easily converted to a 2-wheeler with the ease of a push.

Please Note: These trolleys are not designed for leaning on and should not be used for that purpose.

This trolley may not be suitable for anyone under 5ft
Comfort: Offers the best comfort for your back and shoulders.
Convertible: Allows the trolley to convert from 4 wheels to 2 wheels with one movement.
Obstacle free: The two-wheeled position provides total comfort when going up and down steps or negotiating obstacles.
Minumum space folded: Once folded, takes up minimum space and stands by itself.
Easy to use, original, modern, stylish and sporty designer shopping trolleys! With increased height and capacity. Exclusive Spanish design colours and fabrics.

Made in Spain
All Rolser trolleys are unbelievably light, waterproof and fold flat

Available in:

Capacity: 48 litres.

Dimensions (bag):
Height – 74cm, Width – 36cm, Depth – 25cm

Dimensions Frame:

Folded :
Height – 65cm , Width – 39 cm, Depth – 20cm

Opened :
Height – 108 cm

Depth of trolley in 4 wheel position – 44 cm
Depth of trolley in 2 wheel position – 20 cm

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